Acronym / Abbreviation Guide


The following abbreviations and acronyms are frequently used on the fertility journey:

  • CD: Cycle Day
  • EDD: Estimated Due Date
  • FSH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • GnRH: Gonadotropin-releasing hormone
  • HPT: Home pregnancy test. Measures levels of the hormone hcG which are produced in pregnancy.
  • HcG: Hormone detected by pregnancy tests. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.
  • IUI: Intrauterine insemination
  • IVF: In Vitro Fertilization
  • LH: Luteinizing Hormone
  • LMP: Last menstrual period. The first day of your last period.
  • LP: Luteal Phase
  • M/C: Miscarriage
  • O: Ovulation
  • RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist- Fertility Specialist
  • TTC: Trying to conceive

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