IVF Success Rates

Learn more about our success rates, and how SpringCreek defines success.

At SpringCreek Fertility, we’re pleased to have worked with more than 6,000 growing families since our opening in 2014, helping bring hundreds of healthy and happy newborns into the world. Given our unique dedication to transparency and patient education, we pride ourselves not just in our high success rates, but in the accuracy and honesty with which we provide them, as well as in our commitment to your complete understanding of what they mean to you.

Many practices can be selective in how they source the data that constitutes their success rates, often providing misleading or deceptive information. For example, some practices will exaggerate their averages by basing them solely on smaller, usually younger, samples of their total patient base.

SpringCreek, however, is fully inclusive and transparent in the success rates we list. We take all of our patients into account to provide you with a fair and honest assessment. We work with patients up to the age of 55, in compliance with ASRM guidelines, and factor all patient outcomes into our overall rates. We take great pride in the compassionate and caring treatment we offer to every patient we see, opening our doors to everyone who has a need for fertility treatment. 

The Importance of Patient Education
When it comes to our success rates, our devotion to patient education is just as important as it is in all other areas of our practice. During your consultation with us, we’ll discuss the best treatment plan for your personal situation and family-planning needs, the associated success rates, how they apply to you, and what you can expect throughout your journey. We’ll work closely with you to create a customized plan with the greatest chance of success—and the least emotional and financial stress.
Success, as Defined by Our Patients
While the highest success rates are of course a top priority at SpringCreek Fertility, they’re not the only metric by which we measure our success: your comfort, happiness, peace of mind, education, and informed trust are all of equal importance to us.

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