Donor Sperm

Donor sperm can come from several sources. Donor sperm samples are regulated by the FDA and there are regulations that must be followed to ensure safety, health, and compliance.

Donor Sperm Banks

There are a number of sperm banks to choose from. Most sperm banks have online catalogs that allow you to select the donor of your choice based upon physical attributes, ethnicity, childhood photos, and other characteristics. Various sperm banks offer different testing options, including genetic testing, so if this is a factor for you make sure the sperm bank you have chosen to work with offers the testing you need. Donor sperm may be purchased as single vials which are often labeled for either IUI of IVF. If you are doing IUI’s you may also purchase multiple vials. Check with the sperm bank you have selected to see what offers they have.

Known Sperm Donor

A known male sperm donor is a friend or a family member that is willing to donate sperm to the intended parent(s). A sperm bank screens the donor and guides the intended parent(s) and donor through the consent and FDA screening process. Once this is complete, the donor then collects and makes a directed donation to the intended parent(s). You may work with the Sperm Bank of your choice. The closest sperm bank we know are familiar with is Cryobiology in Columbus.

Donated sperm can be injected into a woman’s reproductive organs (intrauterine insemination) or used to fertilize mature eggs in a lab (in vitro fertilization). The use of donated sperm is known as third-party reproduction.

SpringCreek Fertility partners with Seattle Sperm Bank and Cryobiology to obtain sperm donations for couples utilizing third-party reproduction methods.

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