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Fertility Care for Families in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky & Beyond

Building a family seems so easy for everyone else, but it’s been so difficult for you. You have spent so much time and energy trying to figure out why – and why you. You’re not alone. 10% of women in the United States (about 17 million women) deal with the difficulty of becoming or staying pregnant. At SpringCreek, we’re determined to help, giving you the answers, options and tools you need to move forward. 

You and your unique circumstances are the center of our focus at SpringCreek. Blending science, education and compassionate care, we give you the clinical and emotional support that give you the best chance of becoming pregnant. Your journey has brought you to us.

Let's travel the rest of this journey together.

Learn About Your Fertility Treatment Options

In Vitro Fertilization

IVF is a commonly used form of assisted reproduction where the eggs from the woman are extracted under anesthetic and placed in a culture dish with thousands of sperm, allowing the process of fertilization to take place outside the body before being transferred back into the woman’s uterus.

Egg Donation

Egg donors make parenthood possible for couples who are unable to use their own eggs. We are seeking special egg donors who want to assist loving couples with conceiving a child.

Genetic Testing

If you’re looking into IVF, you may have seen references to PGT-A and PGT-M. In some cases, genetic testing like PGT-A or PGT-M may help your reproductive endocrinologist find healthy embryos to implant in your uterus during IVF treatment.

Intrauterine Insemination

The basis of all fertility treatments is to create an environment where the sperm and egg can meet at the optimal time and place for fertilization. Like timed intercourse, this involves ovulation induction for a female, but IUI’s help the sperm along their journey as well.

Egg Freezing

You have big plans for your life – being a mom, building a career, maybe traveling. But you might not see things happening in that order. If having a family is something you want, just not right now, you have options.

Gestational Carrying

Finding a good match with a gestational carrier is important. We help couples work through all the variables of GS to help ensure all parties’ interests and promote the best possible relationships.

Committed Expertise You Can Count On

Our award-winning team of fertility specialists provide the expertise, compassion and determination that give you the best chance of becoming pregnant.

Meet the Team

Designed by MedTech for Solutions, our IVF lab is one of the most advanced in the world, designed to imitate the environment inside a woman’s body for developing embryos.​

Learn about SpringCreek Fertility’s State-of-The-Art IVF Laboratory

We pride ourselves not just in our high success rates, but in the accuracy with which we provide them and in our commitment to your understanding of what they mean to you.​

Read about SpringCreek’s success stories

We're Here to Answer Your Questions

What fertility treatment is right for me?

Your treatment starts with your diagnosis. Once we know what your fertility barrier is, we can design a treatment plan that lowers it.

Can I afford fertility treatment?

The short answer is yes. From insurance coverage to discount programs to lending options, there is a financial path for you.

Why should I choose SpringCreek?

We designed our center with you in mind. Using proven fertility techniques, we help patients with a broad range of fertility challenges.

Visiting SpringCreek from Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky?

Conveniently located near the I-70/75 corridor, our fertility center draws patients from Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Lima, and other regional communities.

Support & Compassion Through Your Fertility Journey

Receiving fertility treatment can be a challenging, emotional experience. Although our focus is first and foremost on providing the expertise and treatment that give you the best chance of becoming pregnant, we also bring kindness and compassionate support, locking arms with you as we move through this journey together. Read some short stories here that show why doctors refer patients to SpringCreek.

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Dr Sarah Bjorkman headshot

A new Reproductive Endocrinologist has joined SpringCreek Fertility Dr. Jeremy Groll and SpringCreek Fertility associates are pleased to announce that Reproductive Endocrinologist (REI) physician Dr.

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Dear SpringCreek Family and Friends:

As of October 3rd, 2022, here are the updated COVID guidelines:

  • Staff and employees are no longer required to wear a mask inside the building. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, feel free to do so. 
  • Please wear a mask if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms.

SpringCreek Fertility will continue to revise our policy to ensure we are parallel to the CDC recommendations.

Feel free to call our office at 937-458-5084 if you have any questions or concerns.

We are here for you! 

Dr Sarah Bjorkman headshotMeet SpringCreek Fertility’s new REI Physician, Dr. Sarah Bjorkman!

She received her undergraduate medical degree from Michigan State, completed her residency at Yale Newhaven and completed her REI Fellowship at the University of Iowa.

“I am proud to be able to bring excellent medical and surgical training to the table for my patients, and look forward to being part of a collaborative team taking care of this community.”

We are so excited Dr. Bjorkman is joining the SpringCreek team!