Support Groups

Support Groups

Fertility Challenges Peer Led Support Group — Do you feel lonely and isolated? Feel like you have very few people to talk with about your infertility or feel no one understands? Is your partner the only one who provides emotional support? Do you feel like everyone you know is pregnant or has children?

Fertility Challenges Peer Led Support Group
Support Program

You may find it helpful to turn to others outside your immediate circle. A support group can help you feel less isolated as you make connections with others on a similar fertility journey. This is a great opportunity to gain emotional comfort and moral support. Feel free to bring your partner as many couples attend the group together.

We meet bi-monthly, the second and the last Wednesday of each month from 7 – 8:30 pm at the office. The meeting on the last Wednesday of the month will have a different topic and frequently there will be a guest to co-host. If you are interested in finding out what the topic will be for the current month, please check our Facebook page and like it to get updates each month. The second Wednesday of the month meeting will be an open forum setting, without a topic.

If you live south and distance poses a challenge to attend this meetings, beginning in February we will be offering two Cincinnati area support groups that may benefit you. One will be Mason, Ohio and the other one in Wyoming, Ohio. On the first Monday of every month a group will be meeting at the Crossroads Church in Mason from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. On the second Tuesday of each month a group will meet at The Healing Space in Wyoming from 6:30 - 8 pm.

Crossroads Church, 990 Reading Road - Mason, OH 45040
(1st Monday of the month)
For more information please contact Laurie Moher, at

The Healing Space, 217 Wyoming Avenue - Wyoming, OH 45215
(2nd Tuesday of the month)
For more information please contact Danisha Ware, at

Hope, Healing and Inspiration!

This group is free of charge. If you are interested and looking for additional information or if you are interested in on-line support, please contact Tammy at

Quote from a couple that has regularly attended group:

There are so many things I have learned from all of you. But mostly I wanted to thank you for changing my life. 1 year ago today my husband and I were sitting at home waiting on the IVF drugs to show up. We had so many fears (of needles, of it not working, of the side effects) and we had NO ONE to talk to. We honestly don't know how we did it without you. Then it didn't work. BOOM talk about rock bottom and with no one to talk to. Certainly no one that understood our pain. I hate that we have all walked the walk...but there's no one else we'd rather have next to us. Thank you for changing our lives.

New and Expecting Mothers

New & Expecting Mothers Peer Led Support Group, Bumps & Babies – You’ve received the news that you are pregnant, congrats! You’ve delivered your bundle of joy, congrats! Meet with others that have the same questions and concerns as you now that you’ve made it to the next step on your journey.

Please note the following change: Beginning in November 2017, this group will meet on the third Wednesday of the month, each month from 6 – 7:30 pm at the office. For more information contact Zofeen Khan at

NEW for 2018!!

Weight Management Peer Led Support Group - Is weight loss a part of your fertility journey? It is for many of us. Knowing that we need to reduce BMI is one thing. Making that change is another. Share the journey with others who are facing similar challenges.

At these meetings you can expect:

  • Private weigh ins
  • Ideas on helping you achieve your goals
  • Healthy Menus and Recipes
  • Exercise ideas
  • Support and Inspiration are not in this alone!

This group will be meeting at our office every first Thursday of the month, each month from 7 - 8:30 pm at the office. For more information contact Bev Willhelm at The first scheduled date for this group to meet is Thursday, January 4th at 7:00 pm.

Please note: These sessions are all peer led support groups where no medical advice, diagnosis or treatment information will be given. Views and opinions discussed during these meetings are not affiliated with SpringCreek Fertility.

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