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Real Fertility Stories: Brittany, Jeremiah, and Kingston


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SpringCreek is determined to share real fertility stories, like this one from the Lewis family. After surgery for fibroids and an endometriosis diagnosis, Brittany and Jeremiah decided to go through IVF treatment. Their baby boy Kingston finally arrived through IVF after so many years of trying. The three of them stopped by to share their story with us, recounting their fertility journey and encouraging others going through a similar family-building process to get the support they need.

Watch the full interview here:

Brittany: My name is Brittany.

Jeremiah: I’m Jeremiah, and this is Kingston.

B: After attempting to have Kingston for five years through our doctor, their recommendation – they referred us to Dr. Groll. We saw his statistics and success rate and decided to go with SpringCreek.

B: So I had two encounters with Dr. Groll. My first encounter I had a fibroid that pushed through the wall of my uterus. A couple months later we realized that I had endometriosis. So I had to go in for a surgery. It was a pretty extensive surgery. After that, we came back to Dr. Groll and we went through the full process of IVF.

J: The staff was really good. The facility was really, really  nice. I would always make like two or three cups of coffee while I was there. I was always eating up all the snacks and stuff, using up all the creamer – so they were real nice to me about that.

B: Whenever we walked through the door they greeted us by name. To know that we weren’t just like another patient, we were people.

B: I ovulated 27 eggs, they were able to retrieve seven. Five weren’t mature enough to inseminate.

J: So we had 3 left. She called up and she was like, “I want you to put 2 eggs in,” and they said, “You only have one.” So it went down from that large number to one, but I’m grateful for Dr. Groll’s process because if we had just extracted and then implanted, it was really like rolling the dice. There can be only one, and it was him.

J: Sometimes you don’t know you need the support until you actually go through it or you come out of it. It was definitely mentally trying because she’s tired of getting, you know, poked and prodded and stuff. I mean the end result was 100% worth it, and we would do it again and we are going to do it again. But on this other side, having individuals that can support you through this is really big. You’re not on your own. There are more individuals who have went through this than you think, and you have to get support.

A happy family captured in an indoor studio, celebrating the birth of their IVF-conceived baby boy, with the guidance of Dr. Groll at SpringCreek Fertility Clinic in Ohio

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