Taking a Second Look at Your Fertility


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The first opinion you’ve gotten about the source of your fertility struggles—or the best way to overcome them—doesn’t have to be the final opinion.

If you’ve heard “no” for an answer or you just aren’t sure that a particular center is the right fit for you, consider getting another assessment.

Having the courage to start searching for answers was a big deal, and you might feel like you don’t have it in you to go back to square one. But a second perspective could either reopen a door that closed prematurely or give you options for starting a family that feel more like you.

Sometimes getting to the root of an issue as complex as infertility takes more digging or different tools—or both. A reproductive team that has worked with a diverse range of clients may be able to see further below the surface and identify fixable problems that another practitioner either overlooked or doesn’t have the experience to treat.

Using the latest research and technology, the fertility experts at SpringCreek Fertility have helped bring hundreds of happy, healthy babies into the world since 2014. We have succeeded where others have not. If you choose to continue your family building journey with us, we will explore every option we believe is viable for you while being transparent about our successes and honest about your likelihood of conception.

If you have already visited another fertility center and are looking for a second opinion we would like to offer that second consultation free of charge, with our double board-certified REI specialist, Dr. Jeremy Groll. When you call SpringCreek to schedule an appointment please mention this offer and let our associates know who provided your initial consultation. You—or we—can then request your medical records prior to your appointment.

We look forward to meeting you and walking with you on this path, where hope and families grow.

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