Gestational Carriers Help Dreams Come True for Male Couples


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For any couple, beginning the journey toward building a family is a big step. But, unlike cis or lesbian couples, the process is a little more complicated for male couples as neither partner has a uterus in which to carry a child. Fortunately, with the assistance of a gestational carrier,  male couples’ dreams of having a child with their own DNA can be a reality!

IVF & Gestational Carriers for Gay Couples

At SpringCreek Fertility Clinic in greater Cincinnati, OH we have helped many same sex male couples build a family through IVF by utilizing a special type of surrogate called a gestational carrier. Here’s how the process works:

Two women are involved in gestational surrogacy process to help the male couple have a child: the egg donor and the gestational carrier.

During the in vitro fertilization process (IVF), the eggs are removed from the first woman’s ovaries, and then placed in a fluid medium with sperm from one -or both- of the potential fathers. The resulting fertilized embryos are then transferred to the uterus of a second woman, who is referred to as the gestational carrier.

In other words, the eggs are retrieved from one woman, fertilized with the couple’s sperm through IVF in a laboratory, and then implanted in another woman.

Choosing an Egg Donor for Gay Couples

In many situations, a male couple will choose eggs from a screened and vetted egg donor database – based on hereditary characteristics that they desire in a child. Egg donors from our database can be selected by ethnic makeup, specific physical characteristics (such as height, eye color, etc.), educational backgrounds, and even creative abilities!

In cases where the egg donor is not related to either party, the gay couple may each choose to  his sperm for fertilization, or they use the sperm of just one of the potential fathers.

Keep in mind that if twins are born when utilizing the sperm of each parent, although both babies will have the same biological mother, they could have the same or different fathers.  

 For some couples, the egg donor is  a family member, such as a sister of one of the men. For other couples, there is a friend who has offered to donate her eggs.  In both of these situations, the women must go through the same health and psychological screenings as an unknown donor to ensure optimal results.

Choosing a Gestational Carrier for Gay Couples

Once the embryos are fertilized during IVF at our fertility clinic in the Columbus, OH area, one or two embryos are implanted into the uterus of the second woman, the gestational carrier, who will carry the baby to term.

Remember, the difference between a traditional surrogate and a gestational carrier is that the gestational carrier has no genetic relationship to the child she will deliver; however, the gestational carrier will be the person responsible for protecting and nurturing your baby’s health for nine months: through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. So, choosing a gestational carrier is a very important decision.

At SpringCreek Fertility Clinic in the greater Columbus, OH area, we complete thorough patient history, physical examination, and psychological review of all potential gestational carriers – to ensure there are no reasons that pregnancy would not be safe for the carrier or for your child.  All gestational carriers are also tested for viral infections. 

There are very strict criteria for gestational carriers including age, health, and family support factors. You can read about these factors HERE

Bonding with Your Gestational Carriers

Our fertility experts will help you find the perfect gestational carrier that is an ideal match for your family.

Many gay couples bond with their gestational carrier (and their unborn baby) by attending doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, and birthing classes with her. The team at SpringCreek Fertility Clinic will help support you and your gestational carrier through every milestone of her early pregnancy!

Gestational Carriers for Male Couples – Columbus, OH Area

IVF using a gestational carrier enables a male couple to have a child genetically related to one or both partners. While this procedure is truly a dream come true for many same-sex couples, it is a complex process that requires very specific medical and legal expertise, as well as a strong support system.

At SpringCreek Fertility Clinic in the greater Columbus, OH area, our highly experienced and dedicated fertility experts have helped hundreds of same-sex couples realize their dreams of building a family. In addition to offering the latest, most advanced, state-of-the-art medical technologies, we also offer the highest quality recommendations for screened egg donors and gestational carriers.

If you are a male couple, we welcome you with open arms at SpringCreek Fertility Clinic in the greater Columbus, OH area. We are here to assist you with love, compassion, and the latest reproductive technologies – so you can build the family you have always dreamed of.

Columbus Area Family Options for Gay Couples: (937) 458-5084

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