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We are pleased to welcome you to the SpringCreek Fertility Blog! Our blog is one of the many ways the SpringCreek Fertility team communicates with patients who have chosen our facility. SpringCreek Fertility invites you to discover all of the educational information our blog has to offer, including posts on ovulation, medical conditions that contribute to infertility, gestational carrying and more.


We understand that infertility is often a private struggle. Unlike looking for an auto repair shop, or even a general practice doctor, most couples have

Opening Liquid Nitrogen Tank with hand

In today’s complex and demanding society, the path to parenthood is not always a straightforward one. As a woman progresses through her reproductive years, her

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Egg donation can be a tremendously rewarding endeavor. In fact, the majority of egg donors decide to undertake the process not because of the momentary

Counseling and therapy for couple and family. Adoption, psychology or psychotherapy concept. Session with psychiatrist or psychologist. Husband and wife with marriage counselor. Man, woman and doctor.

 Alison went through two miscarriages before her pregnancy. She eventually gave birth to two more children after working with SpringCreek’s Dr. Jeremy Groll. She talked

Female doctor are examining by abdominal palpation of female patient sitting in the bed within the clinic.

If television is talking about it, that usually means the general public is ready to acknowledge it, if not embrace it. Exhibit A: endometriosis. Endometriosis,

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What do avocados, olive oil, and bee jelly (yep, bee jelly) have in common? Possible fertility food. They might make an interesting salad—they’ll also pop

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Dear SpringCreek Family and Friends:

As of February 6th, 2022, here are the updated COVID guidelines:

  • Staff and employees are no longer required to wear a mask inside the building. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, feel free to do so. 
  • Please wear a mask if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms.

SpringCreek Fertility will continue to revise our policy to ensure we are parallel to the CDC recommendations.

Feel free to call our office at 937-458-5084 if you have any questions or concerns.

We are here for you!