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Donating Motherhood

By Heather Martin • Posted on May 7th, 2019

Helping someone else realize her dream of being a mom could be the best Mother’s Day present you’ve ever given.

Perhaps you have embryos remaining from your own fertility treatment that you would be willing to donate to someone struggling to become pregnant. You also could consider egg or sperm donation. SpringCreek Fertility works with prospective parents and donors—along with egg banks, sperm banks, and surrogacy agencies, among others—to create paths for third-party collaborative reproduction.

Each option has specific health criteria, and other requirements vary depending on if the donor and recipient know each other. SpringCreek will work with you to determine if and how you could participate in a third-party process for one of our waiting clients.

Sometimes it takes a village of birds and bees to make a baby. If you want to be part of that community, give SpringCreek a call.

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